Tilt-A-Wheel - Mounted

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Rewarding and stimulating play in the new Paradise Tilt-a-Wheel Bird Foraging Toy.

Made of durable polycarbonate, the Tilt-a-Wheel is an undulating wavy disc with hollow spaces inside for tracks. The inner track is inaccessible to your parrot and has marbles inside ready to rattle and roll around when the toy is being tilted and twirled by a curious beak. The outer track provides a mirror pathway but this time with two treat holes, each measuring 3cm x 1.5cm. The clear design means any food or treats placed inside are easily seen to create a ‘whirl of excitement’ for your parrot.

The Tilt-a-wheel parrot toy can be removed from its cage mount and put on a kabob for a hanging version if you prefer and all metal components are stainless steel. The cage mount fits cages with wire spacing of 4mm or greater.

The Tilt-a-wheel is dishwasher safe and provides a simple problem-solving activity to enrich any cage environment and can be used to great effect for time-consuming foraging.

Measures 6" x 9" and is suitable for Medium to Extra-Large sized birds.

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