Sola Rose Blooms - 3" - Colourful - 12pc - BULK

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These colourful darling white roses are newly harvested from our Sola garden, where we sprinkled tiny pieces of chewed up sola in the Spring.  We were totally surprised it worked and grew into these gorgeous blooms!  Imagine the surprised look on your birdy's face when you show up with some of these dahlias just for them!  You are sure to get many kisses for this chewy offering.  Not only are these gorgeous, they also make any toy you're making gorgeous too.  Great to add on to toy bases, placing around the cage or playpen, or even as a pretty, chewy footie.  Made from all natural, fluffy, foamy, soft sola wood, these delicate petals are hand carved and tied together with tiny bit of string. 

Measurements:  3.15" in diameter
Bulk Package of 12 Colourful Sola Rose Flowers

*** Not suitable for small furry animals as there is a bit of string.

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