Sola Meringues - 3.25" - Coloured - 3pc

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Freshly baked from the yummy oven at Feathered Addictions, are our newest creation!  Coloured Sola Meringues!  Twirls of thin, soft, slices of sola wood is puffed into this beautiful swirl of beautiful yumminess.  Super soft and foamy fun textures will entice everybirdy.  Our colourful meringues are puffy, soft, and swirled into a beautiful puff of gorgeousness.  A great addition to any toy, instantly adding allure to any design. 

Measurements: 3.25" in diameter
Package of 3 Coloured Sola Meringues.

*** Not suitable for small furry animals as there is a small piece of string tying the sola creation together. 

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