Sola Bloomin' Onion - Natural - 4.75" - Coloured - 12pc - BULK

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Just imagine all those slivers of crispy onion, deep fried, crunchy yummy goodness.  Well, this is just like that, but for birdies!  Made of lots of layers of super soft sola bark and sola wood, hundreds of these shredded layers create this beautiful fluffy, bloom.  Super fun for pulling on, insanely fun times chewing on from tiny birds to bigger birds.  Simply put into a play area, cage top, tied to the sides of a cage, this Bloomin' onion can offer so much fun, especially if you hide favourite seeds treats, or dried fruit to forage away the hours. 

Measurements:  4.75" in diameter.
Package of 12 Colourful big bloomin' onions. (assorted colours)

*** Not suitable for small furry animals as these layers are tied together with a bit of string. 

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