Soft Sided Tent - Extra Large

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A&E Cage Company - Soft Sided Tent-Extra Large

Extra Large Soft Sided Tent 10" x 7.5" x 7.5"

3 New Fun Vibrant, Color Patterns - chosen at random

*Tent-like cage bed keeps small to medium birds warm and sheltered; great for hiding
*Constructed of tough poly/cotton twill outside with soft lining

This tent-like bird bed keeps larger-sized birds warm and sheltered inside the cage. They'll love hiding out inside because it's lined with soft sherpa. Two open ends ease access and create a fun tunnel in which your bird can also play. Outer fabric is made of tough poly/cotton twill. Easy care - just toss in the machine to wash.

In the wild, birds nest and hide within the dense tree canopies or jungle undergrowth. These cozy, warm retreats offer shelter and security, as well as protection from the elements. Your caged bird also needs an enclosed space in which to hide or just get away. Soft bed bunkers are an economical way to give your bird the shelter they need. 

For pet safety, inspect for torn or damaged areas; replace when product is worn, picked apart, or damaged.

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