Snuggle Up Bird Warmer / Heater - Small

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Cage mounted warmer gives birds the ability to seek out a warm space when they wish

Helps birds use less energy keeping themselves warm in air conditioning or cooler climates

Powder-coated metal plate sits on cage, radiating an ambient, bird-friendly temperature

Protect your pet bird from the harmful effects of air conditioning and cold drafts. Low-voltage flat heater mounts to the side of the cage, allowing your bird to stand as far or near as he likes - even "snuggle up" to get nice and warm. Heater is thermostatically controlled to an ambient, bird-friendly temperature (102-107°)utilizing 12-volt, low-voltage electricity. Provides a safe, consistent source of warmth to stabilize your bird's environment, which will reduce your bird's stress level. Powder-coated metal plate easily attaches to wire cage bars. Adapter is UL-listed.

Measures 5x3" - suitable for all sizes of birds

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