Sizzlin' Super Hot Dog

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Essential food for any backyard barbeque!  I know--we can't believe it's not a real hot dog either!  Delightfully designed by our bird toy secret laboratory comes a most tasty, yet shreddable treat, our own Sizzlin' Super Hot Hot Dog.  Made from a vine woven "Hot Dog", perfect for chewing and beaky munching, are the condiments every hotdog needs.  A generous serving of "mustard" yellow paper crinkle shreds and a dollop of "relish" made of green paper shreds, are piled into a warm and fluffy, crunchy woven palm "hotdog Bun".  A jingly bell finishes off this delicious design.

Measurements: 6" x 2.5"
Ideal size for: Small to Intermediate sized birds. 

A Feathered Addictions Original Design!

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