Russel Rabbit Crunchers with Carrot - 120g - Bunny Treat

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Naturally tasty and healthy

Feed as a tasty treat to complement your pet’s regular diet. Feed 1-2 treats per day, depending on the size of your pet. Remember to give your rabbits lots and lots of fresh hay every day, as well as their daily portion of Russel Rabbit Tasty Mix. Your rabbits will also need free access to clean drinking water all the time, and will enjoy a small handful of yummy fresh leafy greens every day.

  • Tasty treats for rabbits and other tiny friends

  • With tasty carrots

  • Fresh from the bakery

  • Yummy crunchy baked bites

  • Made with the wholesome, tasty goodness of natural grains and veggies

Made by Supreme Petfoods in the UK.

Supreme Pet Foods uses only the very finest natural ingredients so they don’t need to add any unhealthy sugars to make our foods taste great. They are earth conscious and don't use palm oil or other ingredients, that might harm the environment or other animal species.

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