Roudybush Maintenance - Small - 44oz

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When nutrition is important, Roudybush premium foods are second to none. Daily maintenance is a highly palatable diet for the average bird and supplies nutrients needed to allow birds to look their best and to live long, healthy lives. Daily Maintenance has roughly 7% fat and 21% of its calories are derived from fat.

Nutritional Composition:

  • Protein 11%
  • Fat 7%
  • Fiber 3.5%
  • Calcium 0.4%
  • Vitamin D3 800 ICU/kg
  • Vitamin A 7,875 IU/kg

A great size for birds 6" and taller such as: Dwarf Macaws, Eclectus, Cockatoos, Pionus, Conures, Rosella, African Grey and Lory

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