Ring Game - Small

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* Manipulative bird toy teaches your bird dexterity, colors and numbers
* Fun, interactive play improves your bond and your parrots trust.
* Progressively train for challenging tricks with Teach Box and Bank


With the Ring Game, your parrot will develop skill and dexterity to manipulate objects with precision. The Ring Game is a beginner to advanced bird prop.

Start out with teaching your parrot to place the ring on the peg. Then, advance to color identification and counting the rings. There are instructions for two different bird tricks. But, don't let that stop you. Invent new games while spending time with your parrot. Just imagine all the fun you both will to have!  Includes 24 discs (six of each color), and four-peg base unit.


This Bird Prop comes in three sizes and is suitable for small through large parrots.  Made from bird safe plastics. Use proven bird training techniques taught in the Clicker Training Kit to take full advantage of this bird toys possibilities.


Small Ring Game:  2.5" Tall; Suitable for Sun Conures, Senegals, Quaker Parrots and similar sized birds


Made by Fun Max in Canada.

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