Rex's Club Sandwich - Small Animal Toy

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Rex loves a nice sandwich in the summer! It's great because you don't have to cook when it's too hot out. Nothing beats a hearty sandwich made of two slices of woven palm bread, a slice of palm harvarti cheese, two crunchy corn husk onion slices, two corn husk tomato slices, two vine pickles, a big slab of crispy fried seagrass deli slice and some fresh and green sola lettuce . Get those bunnies and piggies ready.  This is one delicious club sandwich!

Measurements: 4 x 4"

Ideal size for:  Bunnies and all other small animals. Also great a cage top cruncher for birds or tie up for intermediate to medium birds.

A Feathered Addictions Original Design!

Designed especially for you by Sheila

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