Potter Picker Forager - Small - 4 levels of difficulty in 1

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Small version of the Picker Potter Picked a Pod Polking and Protruding Pieces of Paper.

Colourful Pods and Balsa stacked up in a rainbow of foraging fun!

Level 1 foraging: Remove the shredded paper and set aside for step 3. Fill each cup with a little seed, pellets, nutri-berry, dried fruit/ veggies, bird cookies or brittle piece. Allow your bird to forage in each level to discover the same or different food item in each.

Level 2 foraging: Fill 1, 2 or 3 of the pods with a food item - but not every one. Allow your bird to find out which ones are empty and which ones have food!

Level 3 foraging: Repeat step 1, but cover the food with some of the shredded paper.

Level 4 foraging: Repeat step 2, but add some shred to every pod, even the empty ones! Tricky!

Designed for small to intermediate sized birds. Please ensure you have sufficient space for the length of this toy.

A Feathered Addictions original design!

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