Pinata - Firecracker - Large

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Ignite playtime pyrotechnics with activities that keep pet birds busy! Planet Pleasures Firecracker Piñata Bird Toys is the two-in-one toy bursting with stimulating activity. Woven palm leaf on the outside offers crunchy, chewing fun while an assortment of natural fibers and shredders are stuffed inside to extend playtime. Pet birds will delight over the surprise "filling" waiting for them once they chewed through the crunchy shell.

The varied shapes, materials and textures of Planet Pleasures Firecracker Piñata Bird Toys keep birds engaged, offering a great outlet for chewing and shredding behavior. Hanging bird toy provides multiple play options and is a smart choice for feather pluckers. Hanging loop included or use a pear link for a more secure hanger.

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