Pinata - Diamond Bouncer - Medium

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S-T-R-E-T-C-H playtime fun with natural bird toys that offer multiple play options. Planet Pleasures Diamond Bouncer Piñatas Bird Toys boast a playful design full of imagination. Stretchy accordion-like springs made from woven palm leaves dangle and tempt birds into action. Hanging toy challenges climbers with unpredictable bouncing motion sure to test even the most adept avian acrobatics! Planet Pleasures Diamond Bouncer Piñata Bird Toys offer stimulating activity for chewers and shredders. Woven toy body delivers crunchy, chewing fun while an assortment of natural fibers and shredders wait inside to extend playtime. Varied shapes, materials and textures keep pet birds fully engaged and provide an acceptable outlet for natural chewing and shredding behavior. Hanging bird toy is a smart choice for feather puckers. Hanging loop included or use a Quick Link for a more secure hanger.

6 x 8” Recommended for intermediate to medium sized birds. 

Made by Planet Pleasures 

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