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Barrel Of Fun Give your bird a Barrel Of fun and a well deserved reward! Hide food treats or playthings inside barrel... Watch your bird's natural instinctive foraging behavior as it learns to unlock the chamber to reveal hidden delights! For...

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Parrot's Treasure - Foragewise 9" x 4". The bolts lock treats inside and your large bird must turn and pull them to reveal its reward! Dishwasher safe. Appropriate for large and extra large birds only. Colours may vary.

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The Rainstick Bird Toy uses colorful beads to mimic the sights and sounds of a soothing, natural rainforest. This easy to grasp interactive bird toy will comfort and intrigue your parrot. Large parrots will learn that as they twist their foot...

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Build your bird's brilliance. Hide treats inside, spin the rings and watch your bird try to solve the puzzle. Made from super tough polymer to withstand tough chewers. Cleans easily with soap and water. Dishwasher safe. Recommended for medium to large birds. 15.25" x 3.75"
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Wacky shape keeps the marbles inside in constant motion, creating sights and sounds that will ignite and excite! 7" x 3" Suitable for small and intermediate birds.

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Watch your bird raise and lower the rings to reveal food. Load with fruits, veggies, or treats. Designed to satisfy your bird's daily need to search for food. Made from super tough polymer to withstand tough chewers. Zinc free hardware. For...

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