Momma's Bird Bread - Harvest Loaf

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Momma's Bird Bread is among my flock’s favorite foods. It has quality ingredients and is easy to make. Even our picky budgies will eat these yummy breads! Make in tiny cupcake papers and freeze the extras for quick and tasty treats! Great for all hookbills – from budgies to macaws! A crunchy cornucopia overflowing with savory pumpkin and sweet potatoes, coupled with the sweet goodness of apples, cranberries, carrots and cinnamon -- Momma's celebration of the fabulous flavors of fall is a loaf luscious enough to scandalize a pilgrim.

Ingredients: Organic stone ground polenta, organic whole wheat flour, sweet potatoes and carrots, cranberries and apples, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon, organic flax seed, organic millet and organic buckwheat groats. 10oz.. Makes 20-24 mini cupcake-sized bites!

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