Kitty - Mini Pinata

Kitty - Mini Pinata

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The Fetch-It Pets Polly Wanna Piñata Mini kitty Piñata is a toy and treat in one! Fun chewing textures and shape encourage your bird to play. The bright colors offer visual excitement. This toy features an easy to open flap and can be filled with your bird's favorite toys or treats. Designed to keep your bird busy and ensures hours of enjoyment, this toy gives your bird fun chewing exercise and playtime, then leaves your favorite feathered friend with a surprise treat!

Made out of all natural, non-toxic, 100% bird friendly materials. In addition, this mini lion is holding a fun pokey ball for extra chewability! Providing a healthy natural bird toy filled with nutritious treats allows your bird to maintain a healthy lifestyle while enjoying the natural instinct to chew.

Suitable for small to intermediate-sized birds. 4.5" x 4"

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