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Manu Mineral Perch contains the same minerals in the identical concentration found in the Manu River's natural mineral-rich clay. Birds flock to this tributary of the Amazon River, and your birds will be drawn to this mineral-infused perch,...

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Insight Fancy Mirror is an attractive and delightful toy that will add style to any cage with its detailed molding and beadwork. The bells and beads provide both mental and physical stimulation for birds and are designed to be safely played with...
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JW Insight Bird Bath fits small and medium cages. Not for use with round or curved wall cages. Easy to assemble. Product hooks on outside of cage door. Now a romp in the tub is a luxury any bird can enjoy. Healthy & fun for parakeets &...

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Jungle Bathtub Bird Bath with mirror - 7.5" x 4" - suitable for small sized birds.


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Perch cleaner. Hard metal brissles scrub off poop and stuck-on food from wooden or plastic perches. 1.5" x 1.25"

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