Honey/ Calcium Spray Millet - FM Browns - 4pc

Honey/ Calcium Spray Millet - FM Browns - 4pc

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An excellent daily treat for domestic pet birds, Brown’s® Spray Millet is grown and harvested in the USA. Birds love spray millet because it’s rich in carbohydrates and protein. Brown’s drizzles each spray in rich, tasty, energy-boosting honey and then coats it with highly digestible calcium from natural ground cuttlebone for even greater nutrition. Your birds will find this healthy, highly palatable treat and supplement simply irresistible!

• Coated in Natural Cuttlebone Calcium Powder
• Drizzled in Thick, Energy-Boosting Honey
• A Natural Treat for Pet Birds


Sun-Cured Millet Sprays, Calcium Carbonate (Ground Cuttlebone), Honey and FD&C Red#2 and Yellow #5.

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