HemaBlock - Stop the Bleed - Blood Stop Clotting Powder

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HemaBlock powder is a kinetically charged blend that utilizes the unique Microporous Polysaccharide Bead (MPB) technology combined with micronized fibrils of resorbable oxidized cellulose, which complements the safety and efficacy of the active MPB technology for veterinary use. The sterilized micro-beads act like a molecular sieve to rapidly dehydrate the blood, thereby accelerating the natural clotting process. The clot breaks down enzymatically inside the body in a matter of days to insure no adverse issues with patient healing, making HemaBlock the safest and most effective blood clotting powder available.
  • Proven clotting power of MPB & OC
  • Covers a wound area of 30 cm2
  • Sterile 2-gram sachet

Use on open wounds, nails, blood feathers. Absorbable, safe, sterile. Do not rinse.

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