Food Tumbler Forager

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* Graceful curves and clear, tough polycarbonate let your bird see the goodies inside
* Your bird spins the forager to figure out that treats come down through the tube
* Adjustable to keep your bird guessing

Clear forager satisfies any bird's foraging needs. Flower-like curves hold treats you insert. Bird spins toy to make treats fall into transparent tube at bottom. You can adjust tube at bottom of tumbler to make it easier or more difficult for your bird. This means once your bird figures things out, you can change it up and keep him guessing. Constructed of clear polycarbonate. Attaches to side of cage. For intermediate to advanced level foraging.


Set-up instructions:

  1. Line up removable food tube with notch at bottom and press middle of tube to remove.
  2. Fill tumbler up with your bird's favorite treats and reinsert tube to your bird's difficulty level.
  3. Unscrew mounting plate from tumbler and attach to cage.
  4. Show your bird where food comes out and let him figure out the rest.

Cleaning Instructions:

Clean with a moistened cloth, but do not submerge in water. If food gets lodged inside toy, remove the screws and disassemble to remove the food debris.


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