Extreme Couponing - Balsa Lover's Spinner Edition - BOLT-ON!

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For this Valentine's Day, I present to you an unlimited, unconditional, and insanely cute LOVE COUPON!  Packed for of unlimited cuddles, kisses, and love bites! Ouch!  Also included, and certainly most exciting, is a big chunk of love balsa, love balsa cubes, love bamboo chains, love seagrass mats, love sola flowers in love shades, love yucca chunks, love vine hearts, love palm crunch sheets, and the golden ticket aka Love coupon, laser cut and etched and hand penned in food dyes.  There is also a love bolt you can attach to any cage too! Easy access to so much Love!

Stainless steel only. *** Save your hardware to reuse with upcoming refills. ***

Ideal size for: Small to intermediate sized birds
Measurements: 7 x 5" and 3" deep

A very XOXO, original Feathered Addictions design!

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