Double Decker Sweet Cherry Forager For SMALL Beaks

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This double decker foraging toy is made for the intelligent small bird in your flock.

Made from mostly acrylic parts, this toy is designed to last. Two little 1.5" x 1" deep bowls allow your little bird space to discover whatever you can fit inside. The two bowls are gently separated by a holey wheel, so smaller items will fall through but have no fear, this is half the fun. An acrylic two-tone 4-way cross hangs candy beads, cherry charms and bells. From the very bottom, your birdie gets yet another jingly bell.

Your bird can push, pull, tug and tip until they are rewarded with some, all or none of the treat they can see inside.

Millet not included but are encouraged to try.

Suitable for small birds such as lovebirds, conures, cockatiels, parrotlets etc.

Measures 7" x 3" wide.

An original Feathered Addictions design.

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