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Whopping Hopping Bunny Box is pure bunny bliss in a box! 
All Natural, no dyes, no glue, no string, nothing but all natural palm, corn husk, and vine so it's ideal for bunny chomping and yummy times.

Filled with:
2 Corn Husk filled Palm wraps
1 Woven 7 x 7 inch Seagrass Mat
4 Big Boy 9 inch Vine Chews
3 Oversized 5” rattan star
2 Dark Palm boxes (perfect for hiding treats!)
4 Dark Palm 1.5 inch PomPoms
2 Intermediate Palm flowers
1 Ultimate 3 x 3 inch Palm Box
2 sturdy 2 inch Willow Balls
1 Dark Palm Stuffed Biggie Nibbler
1 Rattan 5 inch Star

All in a non-toxic, chewable box!

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