Bunny Cookie Toy Making Kit

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We hop, hop, hop for cookies! This is a take and make bunny cookie kit for all those bunnies that love to munch on natural fibers and woods. A pizza  box, packed full of palm rounds, palm cookies, palm pompoms, palm squares, palm coins, palm flowers, vine coins, bunny-safe-food-dyed balsa coins, balsa cubes, seagrass waffles, and three pine bunny cutouts, with seagrass rope and paper cord to put it all together!  All the pieces you need to make super munchy, crunchy, and delicious cookies, by you for your Bun! 

The first photo shows the box with all the cookie parts inside.  The toys displayed and on the second photo, show just some of the delicious combinations you can make with this box of goodies.

Measurement of box: 10 x 10 x 2"
Ideal for: All bunnies, guinea pigs etc. 

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