Botanical Bliss Foraging Tray - 10 x 14"

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This all natural willow tray measures 10 x 14" and is filled with organic botanicals and all natural bits and bops for digging and natural foraging. On top of a thin bed of natural paper shred, this foraging tray contains:
  • Organic lavender flowers
  • Organic rose buds and petals
  • Organic dandelion leaf
  • Organic chamomile flowers
  • Organic Hibiscus flowers
  • Natural oat spray
  • Natural spray millet
  • Bits and bops of mahogany, palm, seagrass, vine, corn husk in assorted fun shapes.
Foraging is a natural and necessary part of avian wellness. This can be hard to replicate in captivity. Bring our your bird's natural instincts indoors with this tray for your bird. Refill with your own dry goodies. Suitable size is for parrotlets through senegals.

No plastic, no unsafe materials. Just natural foraging fun.

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