Big Bird Manzanita Ladder - Large

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Big, beautiful, natural manzanita ladder!! We are so excited to announce these gorgeous pieces that are sure to add so much to your companions living and play areas.  Made of all natural Manzanita and put together with stainless steel nails, these ladders are built to last! Naturally hard wood, manzanita can take on the most dedicated chewers.  Easy to clean and maintain, it is a perfect staple to any set up.  Each ladder is made of hand selected branches that will fit well together.  The main piece is one Y-shaped branch and have been left deliberately free of linking accessories as you can set up this ladder how you would like.  The shape allows for an addition of a hook to hang onto cages, or screw it onto another existing play area. 

These ladders come in two sizes:  Large and X-Large.  This listing is for the Large size--the measurements are approximate as each piece is very unique and shapes can vary. 

Approximate measurements:  18 x 8 (widest) inches.  Fantastic size for Large sized birds - Greys to Macaws.

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