Aviator Flight Harness - Mini - Green- Fits Lovebirds, Parrotlet

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 The long awaited MINI Size Aviator Harness is now available. 12 years and 400,000 Aviator Harnesses ago Parrot University had no idea there would be a high demand for our smaller size harnesses. Today over 40% of demand is for the Petite and Extra Small Aviators.

These harnesses fit Budgies, Lovebirds, Kakariki, Parrotlets, Plum Heads, and other tiny pet birds.

  • Bird flight harness boasts a convenient one-piece design with supple nylon construction that reduce pressure points
  • Self-adjusting elastic cord leash lets birds fly in safety
  • Included DVD video features training and use instructions

Let your bird safely enjoy the benefits of outdoor flight. Unique, one-piece flight harness and attached elastic cord leash offers your bird safe, escape-proof flight.

Unlike most flight suits and harnesses that feature multiple buckles and clips, the Aviator's single plastic buckle design helps prevent injury to your bird during use.

Plus, it is easy to install - simply slide the harness over your bird's head, gently pull his wings through the harness body, and pull the lead to tighten the belt to your bird's mid-section.

Harness is made of supple nylon for added comfort and fewer pressure points when compared to other flight harnesses.

Elastic, bungee-cord-style lead helps prevent injury if your bird flies to the end of the leash.

Features a wrist-loop for convenient, drop-free use. Includes a DVD instruction video loaded with helpful training and use instructions.

This one is GREEN! 


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